Compression springs

Compression springs

Compression springs can be ordered online at TEVEMA. TEVEMA can help you with the largest range of compression springs in various sizes.
Is the compression spring not available in the standard dimensions? TEVEMA will makes the compression spring to …

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Compression springs
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Tevema makes you a custom spring

Even if your Spring is not an standard version, TEVEMA has the means to custom made your Spring. Average response time for quotes <24 hours

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Compression springs

TEVEMA compression springs have many applications, from the semi-conductor industry to mechanical engineering. Compression springs have more possibilities than you might think. Coil springs can be made with as little as four ends; Compression springs with closed and square ends, compression springs with closed and ground ends, compression springs with double closed ends and compression springs with open ends are all very different compression springs. You can read about how the different ends work here.

The types of compression springs

The coil spring, which includes the compression spring, actually contains five types of coil springs, one of the most commonly known coil springs besides the compression spring is the conical compression spring. Other coil springs are hourglass coil springs, constant pitch coil springs, barrel-shaped coil springs and coil springs with a variable pitch between the coils. You can read here how this all works and the advantages of the correct design of the compression spring.

Ordering compression springs online

You can order compression springs from our online compression springs shop. Ordering compression springs online is easy and the springs are always in stock. With a wide range of compression springs TEVEMA always has the right compression spring for you to order online. If you need a special compression spring, you can have it made to order.