Multi wave springs

Technical springs

You can order multi-wave springs from the spring specialist.

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Multi wave springs
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Even if your Compression Spring is not an standard version, TEVEMA has the means to custom made your Compression Spring.

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Order multi wave springs

Multi wave springs can replace multiple compression springs at once and are easy to implement. Instead of calculating how many compression springs are needed for an application, only one multi wave spring is required. This makes building up and dismantling an application easier.

Multi wave springs do not have a circular motion when the technical spring is compressed. This has the advantage that the application suffers less from wear and tear.  

Multi wave springs characteristics

Multi wave springs have a 100% axial transmission with respect to the forces. Low load tolerance at specified working heights are no problem for wave springs. There are almost unlimited possibilities of different forces being formed by: wire thickness, wire shape, number of waves, height of the waves and number of multi wave springs on top of one another.