Die springs

Technical springs

Die springs according to ISO standards, die springs according to Japanese standards and die springs according to American standards (flat/oval wire) are available at TEVEMA. The die springs according to American standards are easy to compare with th…

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Die springs

Die springs are designed for high loads in a limited space. It is important that the quality  of the products is the best it can be, and that the technical lifespan is fully utilised. For the longest possible lifespan, we recommend the ISO die springs. Die springs are already compared on interchangeability, so it is easy compare ISO die springs with the American die springs.

Long technical lifespan of die springs.

ISO die springs are calculated on a spring travel at 1.5 million compressions, the JISS die springs at 1 million compressions and the American die springs at 1,000 compressions. The ISO10243 die springs are made of chrome vanadium steel. The ISO die springs with an ultra-light load are specially made for injection moulds. The ISO die springs with an extra and hyper heavy load are ideal for extreme applications.

American die springs

With the ST (Raymond) die Springs there may be a deviation in mm. The deviation can be up to 8% of the total length in millimetres. The die springs can handle a frequency of 1,000 compressions per hour.

JIS die springs

The Japanese Industrial Standard for die springs are the ISO 9001 and JIS B 5012 standards. These unique die springs deliver different forces and tolerances on springs like the American and ISO die springs, so the JIS die springs are extremely suitable when the die spring you are looking for is not available in ISO standards.

Heavy duty springs
Die springs are better known as heavy duty springs. The structure of the die spring is the same as the standard compression spring.

Order die springs online:

At TEVEMA it is easy to order die springs online. When ordering die springs, it is useful to enter the length, bushing, and axle size. On our online die springs shop you will find all die springs available on the market.