Gechter Hand presses

Gechter Hand presses

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Gechter Hand presses

Hand presses

Press machine, machine press or press is a tool with which a lot of pressure is placed on material. This allows certain shapes to be placed in materials. These machine presses are often used in (production) companies for making series products or semi-finished products. The hand press is particularly suitable for processes where automating series production or semi-finished products is too expensive. All hand presses in our range are (almost) fully configurable with different parts. This way you can use the presses for multiple series.

Different types of presses

A press is used to shape material into the correct shape, this process is called molding technology. Pressing can be said to generate force by two different types of techniques. The first is the use of power transmission, this process uses the traditional gear and lever technique in combination with human forces. These are the mentioned manual presses. Manual presses include many products, such as a manual citrus press and a garlic press, but for industrial applications a rack and pinion press or a crimp press.

The highest force of our manual press is 55 kN.

The second type of press are presses that use auxiliary energy. These are Pneumatic and hydraulic presses. Pneumatic presses are presses that use air pressure to apply extra force. Hydraulic presses are presses that operate on oil pressure. Then there are also combination presses, the hydropneumatic presses, which use air pressure and oil pressure.

The highest force of our presses with auxiliary energy is 500 kN, this is a hydropneumatic H-column press.

Pressing in metal technology
Surprisingly, in the metal industry, presses are used for metalworking. Typically for this is the punching of metals, which makes the production of semi-finished products or series possible. This is usually done by an automated production line, for which TEVEMA has various standard parts available. For non-automated production lines, it is advisable to look for a pneumatic or hydraulic press. This is an ergonomic option for the personnel and saves production speed.

Pressing of plastic
Plastics can also be bullied in some form, although it is more difficult with plastics than with metals. Given that hard plastics (ABS) break quickly when under high pressure and soft plastics (stress balls) quickly jump into their original shape (try it with a stress ball). As a result, plastics are more often deformed at higher temperatures instead of with a press.

Development of presses
Don't feel passed over when the industry you are in has not been mentioned. Press machines are used in a wide variety of industries. Because the presses are constantly being developed further, there is no guarantee that hand presses will always remain that way. What is a guarantee is that Gechter our exclusive supplier of hand presses is one of the front runners in press technologies. With questions such as: "How can I get more returns from my raw materials thanks to my press?" , "I have thicker metals to press, which press should I use?" and you can always put any more questions to Gechter by telephone. At TEVEMA, we also hand out all questions to the one and only experts in hand presses to be on the safe side.