Gas springs

Adjustable gas springs

The force of an adjustable gas pressure spring can be adjusted by means of a threaded rod (adjustment bolt) the bottom part of the gas spring can be adjusted. If the adjustment bolt is screwed in, the nitrogen space is reduced and the force of the gas spring increases.

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Adjustable gas springs

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For all constructions, where the weight cannot be unambiguously calculated; when used in environments with varying temperatures; etc.

The adjustability of the force depends on the stroke and the length of the gas spring
in extended position. Force adjustability depending on the stroke:
Stroke 100 + 25%
Stroke 150 + 16.5%
Stroke 200 + 12.5%
Stroke 250 + 10%
Stroke 300 + 8.5%
The adjustability of the force can be changed if the cylinder is filled with oil. The length of the adjustability is 25 mm as standard.
In all cases the following applies:
(25 mm: Stroke) x 100% = maximum .....% increase in extension force.