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Torsion springs
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Using torsion springs

Torsion springs are used to obtain a radial force or an angular deflection. Usually torsion springs are mounted around a shaft. When using a torsion spring around a shaft, it must be ensured that there is a gap between the inner diameter of the torsion springs and the shaft. When the torsion spring is loaded, the shaft becomes smaller to provide counterforce.

Calculating torsion spring forces

When calculating torsion springs, the forces are linear provided that the elasticity is not exceeded. In calculations, the degrees that a torsion spring lever rotates from its resting position are equal to the forces in Newton that the torsion spring delivers.  For example, if a leg rotates 10 degrees, it delivers 1 N/mm when the same torsion spring is rotated 20 degrees it delivers 2 N/mm.

Ways to load torsion springs

Torsion springs can be placed under static load. Torsion springs can be placed under cyclic load.

Calculating torsion springs

Cylindrical wrapped torsions are used to obtain a radial force or angle distortion. If the  spring  is tense, the material is exposed to a bend. Normally, the inner diameter of the spring is mounted around an axle. The spring must be mounted in a manner so that there is always slack between the inner diameter of the spring and the axle. The load shall be applied in such a way as to fix the torsional voltage if the voltage increases in that direction. To minimize the friction that comes against the shaft, it is recommended to use the ends of the pockcan under constant stress. Torsionals have a straight spring characteristic. For example, if a spring at 10° per veto gives a moment of 1 N/mm, then this spring has a moment of 2N/mm at 20° per retwist.

A Moment equals the force x the poker length, i.e. M = F x A

The closer to the end of the poker the load is applied, the less counter-force is achieved. If the maximum distortion (φ) is used, a maximum of 10,000 contortions is permitted. If the permitted distortion is only 80%, the life span rises to 200,000-400,000 taxes. If only 70% of the permitted distortion is used, then one can assume an almost infinite theoretical lifespan.

The turning springs are available in a left and right version. You must specify the direction of rotation when ordered. This can be done simply by putting an L for the left version an R for the right-wing version behind the article code. The poken of this program are right. However, we can make any poker you want at an additional cost. You must provide a drawing or model for this purpose. You can also order the springs in other types of materials. Our torsionals  are made according to  DIN2088 / EN13906-3. Tolerances are according to DIN 2194.

Order your torsion springs online

Order Torsion springs order at the springs specialist. You can easily order all torsion springs from stock. Or have your torsion spring calculated by the spring specialist and order your custom torsion spring.