Extension springs

Technical springs

All extension springs are produced with full German eyes and calculated according to DIN 2089-2 / EN 13906-2.

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Extension springs
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The standard extension springs are available in spring steel and stainless steel.  You can order standard extension springs with full German eyes at TEVEMA. The extension springs are also available in English, half German and custom-made eyes. Extension springs are available from TEVEMA from wire thickness 0.03 mm. So, if you need a special extension spring, TEVEMA can make it to order.

Information about extension springs

All standard extension springs are designed to withstand a static load, the spring is put under a temporary, constant load in a process. After this process the extension spring returns to its retracted position. Extension springs can be loaded quasi-static (almost constant) or dynamic. The advantage for technical extension springs is that if the spring is properly adjusted, the lifespan should be virtually unlimited.

The standard material of all our technical springs is spring steel are in accordance with DIN 17223 C / 1.1200 / EN10270-1 and stainless-steel material according to DIN 17224 / X10CrNi 18-8 / AISI 302 / 14310 / EN102730-2.

Standard extension springs are wrapped on the right and have two closed German eyes. The working temperature for spring steel is a maximum of 80 degrees Celsius and for stainless steel a maximum of 250 degrees Celsius. Standard technical springs are oiled.

At TEVEMA, we also offer other materials, see our complete overview of materials here. In addition to our wide range of active materials, TEVEMA also has a wide range of aftertreatment options that we offer our customers. These materials and aftertreatments can only be ordered on request. Have you found the right extension spring but would you like a different material or aftertreatment? This also applies to our made-to-order extension springs.