Gas springs

Gas springs

You can easily order gas springs with standard eyes at TEVEMA. With a wide range of gas springs and connecting parts.

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Gas springs

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TEVEMA's wide range of gas springs and gas compression springs are suitable for industrial and transport applications. The gas springs are supplied with nitrogen and a small amount of oil. This oil provides:

  • Lubrication of piston rod
  • Lubrication of the seal
  • End damping

In order to choose the right gas spring, we recommend that you first enter the required force and stroke.

The lifespan of a gas spring depends on many factors. With proper installation, proper maintenance and use, gas springs have a longer lifespan. However, like most other moving parts, they are subject to wear and tear.

Gas spring spring-load

Gas springs have a slightly progressive force when the stroke goes up. This is distinctive compared to standard technical springs. In general, gas springs fall under a linear and flat spring-load.

The progressivity of the gas spring depends on the ratio between the volume of the piston rod and the nitrogen volume. The larger the nitrogen volume compared to the piston rod volume, the flatter the spring characteristics.

Gas springs in stock

Gas springs should never be placed in stock. Gas springs lose their original powers when they are left on the shelf for too long. As a result, TEVEMA has a slightly longer delivery time than you expect from us. We therefore recommend that you always order gas springs when necessary, not to replenish stock. On average we can provide you with your gas springs within 5 working days.