Die springs

JIS Die springs

Om de juiste stempelveer te zoeken is het makkelijkst om te filteren in de benodigde ongespannen lengte en de gespannen lengte. Hierna is de keuze van belasting gemakkelijk te overzien.

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JIS Die springs
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JIS B 5012 die springs

Die springs according to Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS), are mainly used in construction and metal constructions. But these products are also suitable for numerous industrial applications, especially when the die spring does not fall within the ISO standards.

JIS B 5012 die springs have a trapezoidal (uneven-sided square) wire. The JIS B 5012 standard is known for its tight regulations, JIS die springs cannot contain any deviation.

The advantage of JIS B 5012 die springs

The advantage of JIS B 5012 die springs is that the trapezoidal (uneven-sided square) wire is designed in such a way that after the spring has been produced in the right shape. The thickness of the inner coil can be equal to that of the outer coil. With a large spring index (Index = centre-to-centre diameter (D)/wire diameter (d) ) the rectangular cross-section wire form is the most ideal application. Also check out our post on choosing a JIS die spring.

Large loads are used in many press dies, it is advisable to use the JIS B 5012 die springs in order to obtain as much load as possible in small spaces. TEVEMA has several solutions to cope with large loads in small spaces.