Blog - compression springs have multiple ends, do you know what they are for?

Type of ends on compression springs

A compression spring can be closed in several ways. The way in which the compression spring is closed affects the way in which a compression spring can be applied, of course there are also exceptions to the coil springs.

Compression springs with closed and square ends.

The closed and square-ended compression springs are turned with the seal connected to the last turn. The ends are not actually square but are cut off at the last turn, which gives them the name “squared ends”.

Compression springs with closed and ground ends.

This is the most economical way of sealing compression springs. All compression springs at TEVEMA are made and ground from a thread thickness of 1.0 mm. Thanks to this process, the springs can stand upright. During the grinding process, an additional winding is pressed against the final winding, which is then ground off until it is straight. Thanks to this process, the coil spring has a very stable base that provides extra surface force transfer.

Compression springs with double closed ends.

At the double closed end, two additional windings are set against the last wind. This stabilises the top and bottom of the coil spring. The stability of a compression spring with double closed ends is especially useful when you have a large outer diameter in combination with a narrow thread thickness and with conical compression springs. The springs with double closed ends have the unique properties of allowing the spring ends to slide under the previous coil when pressed in, this makes the compression spring extra stable.

Compression springs with open ends.

The compression springs with an open end have a space or stitch at the last windings. This process ensures that you can get more power out of your spring without having to sacrifice extra space for it. The open-ended compression spring ensures that all coils are active. These springs must be placed in a hole or around a shaft to make the springs work.

Order compression springs

At TEVEMA we sell compression springs from 0.3 mm wire thickness, we also produce compression springs longer than 1000 mm and compression springs of 500 mm. If you need a special compression spring, you can have it made to order.

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Posted on 16 March 2021