Maßgeschneiderte Torsionsfedern

Custom torsion springs are available in spring steel, inconel, Monel, 316 stainless steel, phosphor bronze, Ninomic, Molydenum, beryllium copper, conifer, titanium, tungsten. TEVEMA also has the option to work with other materials, only the material is not in stock, so the delivery time may be slightly longer than you are used to from us.

After-treatment of custom-made torsion springs

TEVEMA offers the following aftertreatments:  galvanizing, nickel plating, tin-plating, chrome plating, clean-up, cleanroom packaging, pickling, chemical blackening, passivation, phosphating, electrolytic polishing, powder coating, laser cutting and cleanroom packaging.

Wire gauge torsion springs

TEVEMA has the ability to produce torsion springs from wire thickness 0.03 mm.

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