Ordering & Delivery

When do I receive my order?

Tevema we deliver within 24 hours after the order and payment all goods.

You will get an email from our sales department with a track-and-trace when we have shipped your products. 

How soon will I receive my order?

Nothing is as important as the delivery. Articles that are deliverable directly in stock, usaly are shipped the next or the same day. Items that are not in stock, have an slightly longer delivery time.

Do you have a delivery address outside the Netherlands or Belgium?

Then your technical springs have a longer delivery time. This table is accompanied by a good guideline when you want to know your delivery time before hand:

Country Time send: + extra delivery time
Germany, Luxembourg Listed on the website + 2 to 3 business days
Other EU countries, Norway, Switzerland Listed on the website + 3 to 4 business days
Other European countries Listed on the website + 7 to 9 business days
Mediterranean area Listed on the website + 7 to 9 business days
North and Central America, Caribbean Listed on the website + 5 to 12 business days
Asia, Australia, New Zealand Listed on the website + 9 to 12 business days
Other countries Listed on the website + 8 to 10 business days
What delivery options do I choose?

All products are delivered through our partners.

All overland deliveries are made with DHL.

When your products need to be shiped overseas will contact you to discuss delivery options. 

I can't find my product online, how can I order it?

If the product is not available online, it is usually a customized spring. This can be requested trough our section of custom made springs. Or by e-mail to sales@tevema.com 

Do you want to place an orders as a individual?

Tevema we do not accept private sale. Please ask one of our partners for the Tevema spring.

How can I order springs based on quotation?

At our webshop there are three ways to order your springs on quotation basis. 

  1. Quote products above 150 pc.
  2. Quote products without standard pricing
  3. Quote custom made springs

Because of our large stock where many products go in and out, most of our products and delivery times up to 150 pc. have an standard delivery time and price. To manage this correctly our products above 150 pc. are online on quotation basis. 

How this works:
Simply put 150 pc. or more in your cart. Go to the check-out / ordering page. On this page the quotation / tender is now available on the right side of the screen. When clicking this, just add your company's data and any remarks, and our sales department will offer you the products with the correct price and delivery time.

Products without standard pricing
There are some products that we only offer on quotation basis. For example suspension springs, with these springs whole production processes are setup to fill out your need. These products are also available from a certain quantity.

Custom made springs
Custom made springs can be requested on quotation basis from our forms. Most custom made springs can be easily made from 1 pc. Some other products, like custom made Die springs are only available from 500 pc. , with our wide range of options to produce custom made springs, our webshop offers an solution to every spring need.

What are the shipping costs?

Transport costs are different per country. Standard shipping costs are calculated when you checkout in our webshop. For greater quantities we refer to the following list as guide line:

Packages up to 32 kg> € 15, - per package -

From 2020 to 32 kg> € 17.50 if necessary follow-up packages € 6,50

Pallets Mini (up to 150kg)> € at 47.50nd if necessary follow-up pallet € 39.50

Freight (pallet) shipments: Euro pallets (500 kg)> € 80, -. and if necessary follow-up pallet € 65 -