Compression springs

How can compression springs be stacked?

In order to stack compression springs, there are three common ways:

  1. Parallel stacking
  2. Series stacking
  3. Mixed stacking

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How do I design a compression spring?

in the design or selection of the right compression spring, the following steps apply:

  1. Compression spring type
  2. end of the compression spring
  3. The number of turns
  4. To properly configure the compression spring
  5. The permitted spring force
  6. The spring index
  7. Pressure spring calculations

Five ways to select one of the standard compression springs:

There are five basic methods in order to arrive at the right compression spring. Here they explained all five, there is only one method required.

  1. On the basis of physical dimensions
  2. On the basis of the spring constant
  3. On the basis of two loads
  4. On the basis of one load and spring constant
  5. On the basis of one load and free length 

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What types of compression springs are there?

There are five types of compression springs (coil springs). The difference is explained here. The five-type pressure springs are:

1. Compression springs with constant pitch
2. Springs with variable pitch
3. Barrel Springs
4. Hourglass springs
5. Conical compression springs

Can I order custom-made compression springs?

Yes, custom compression springs can be ordered from Tevema. Compression springs can be cold produced up to a wire thickness of up to 20 mm. The compression springs may have a maximum outer diameter of 200 mm and a maximum free length of 4,000 mm.

All custom compression springs are manufactured to / from:

  • 20 mm cold rolled wire
  • CNC machines
  • High precision
  • 100% control of unloaded spring length and diameter if required.
  • In all common work materials

Presets are standard including:

  • Wire range: 15 mm
  • Free length: 500 mm
  • Spring outer diameter: 169 mm

For all available post-treatment treatments see: Post-treatments.
Here you can order a custom compression spring.

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According to what standards are compression springs manufactured?

Compression springs are calculated and manufactured according to DIN 2089-1 / DIN 2095-2 (EN13906-1)

What spring steel is standard for compression springs?

Music wire:
DIN 17223 C / No. 1.1200
Wire 2: EN10270-1: 01 DH (duty free)
> Wire 2: EN10270-1: 01 SH

Which stainless steel wire is standard for compression springs?

DIN 17224 / X10CrNi 18-8 / AISI 302 / No. 1.4310 / EN 10270-3: 01 is the standard stainless steel wire for compression springs.

What are the maximum operating temperatures of compression springs?

The maximum operating temperatures of the compression springs are:
Music wire: max. +80 degrees celsius

Stainless steel wire: max. +250 degrees celsius

How to use a compression spring dynamic?

Calculate the dynamic use of compression springs as follows:
* variable load, number of changes> 10 ^ 7; here is the limited service life.
* variable load, number of cycles <10 ^ 7, the service life is theoretically unlimited.

If a standard quasi-static or dynamic spring is used, please contact our engineering department for a service life calculation.

What is a variable pitch compression spring?

The last type of coil spring is a pressure spring with a variable winding or variable stroke. These compression springs are not constructed with an equal distance between the turns, but the turns are made in sets with some space between the turns.

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What is a Hourglass Compression Spring?

The fourth type of compression spring is built like an hourglass, this helical coil spring has a higher upper and lower outer diameter compared to the middle outer diameter. These coil springs have high stability and, like conical compression springs, are suitable for smaller spaces.

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What are barrel springs?

A type of helical coil spring is the barrel spring, which gets its name from its barrel-like appearance. A barrel spring is a type of compression spring that produces linear forces where the top and bottom outer diameters are smaller than the median outer diameter. Thanks to this, the spring saves space.

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What are Conical Compression Springs?

An type of compression spring is a conical compression spring. The conical compression springs are pyramidal. The pyramidal shape of the helical coil spring enables the delivery of forces in a limited space (axial space). This is because all the windings are put together in full compression.

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What are Coil Springs?

Coil springs are compression spring versions. The most common type of compression spring is made with an constant pitch (distance between the turns). To obtain a constant pitch, all turns of the compression spring are evenly spaced. The constant pitch coil spring is a known standard compression spring.

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Where to buy compression springs?

Compression springs can be easily purchased from Tevema in our webshop. You can also easily order custom compression springs from us.

What is a standard compression springs?

Standard compression springs are made of spring steel or stainless steel. They start with a wire thickness of 0.2 to 10 mm.

Where can I find the compression spring catalog?

The catalog of our compression springs can be downloaded here.

What is ISO 10243 compression springs?

Compression springs according to ISO 102430 are die springs. These die springs can be found in our webshop.